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Lake Gregory in the News


Lake Gregory Is Back, Stronger Than Ever

Mountain News • August 4, 2021

This year’s Jamboree Days in Crestline proved to be a major milestone for the Lake Gregory Company. After the lake not being open for a full year it was an opportunity for the new lake management company to showcase their achievements. Nathan Godwin is the general manager of Lake Gregory Company (LGC)...


Thousands Attend Crestline's Jamboree Day Festivities

Mountain News • July 7, 2021

Jamboree Days was celebrated in Crestline this past weekend with the theme “Let the Adventures Begin,” which took on extra meaning for many attendees after a year of lockdown. Streets were filled with excited parade watchers and fireworks spectators. Shops were busy, there was a huge variety of food available, the weather was perfect, and the day was full of non-stop fun...


10 Wonderful things to do in Lake Arrowhead

Global Munchkins • May 27, 2021

Lake Gregory is a wonderful alternative to Lake Arrowhead, which is a private lake. You can take a dip in Lake Gregory and swim/play all day. To get there, you’ll need to head to the town of Crestline, which is about 20 minutes from Lake Arrowhead...


Park display showcases student artworks 24-7

Record Gazette • May 1, 2021

Beaumont students have their own public art exhibit.

No admission fee requested. No real limitation on visitation hours …


Sharing his love of the outdoors

The Alpine Mountaineer • March 11, 2021

Growing up in Southern Alabama, Nathan Godwin spent most of his time in the woods and on the water.
“It was a fun childhood,”...


Lake Gregory unveils exciting summer plans

The Alpine Mountaineer • March 6, 2021

An entirely new water park for Lake Gregory, new lake equipment, a new food grill...


Time ticking on Lake Gregory opener

The Alpine Mountaineer • February 25, 2021

With the calendar saying we’re still in winter, and the first day of spring not until March 20, Memorial Day weekend...


Christian camp takes over care of Lake Gregory

Redlands Community News • February 18, 2021

A local company with close historical ties to Lake Gregory Regional Park will take over management of the alpine recreation getaway...


Lake manager responds to Lake Gregory concerns

The Alpine Mountaineer • February 18, 2021

The Lake Gregory Company, composed of local residents, was approved last week by the San Bernardino County Board of...


County contracts new management for Lake Gregory

Highland Community News • February 12, 2021

A local company with close historical ties to Lake Gregory Regional Park will take over management of the alpine recreation getaway...


New Lake Gregory operator named

The Alpine Mountaineer • February 11, 2021

A new chapter in Lake Gregory’s rich and colorful history is about to be written as county supervisors...


Lake Gregory's New Management Company Receives $1.65 million for Capital Improvements, Construction & Modernization

Mountain News • February 10, 2021

The County of San Bernardino Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday and approved the Lake Gregory Community Recreation Company...

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