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Advertise with us!

Lake Gregory Co. offers a variety of advertising opportunities for the community.

Limited space is available.


Advertise Your Company

Website Sponsor
  • Your company logo displayed on industry-relevant Lake Gregory webpage that links to your company bio on

  • Limited spaces available - subject to availability

  • Art file and 150-word (or less) company bio must be submitted 2-weeks prior to the start of your term

Sponsor Placement Options:
  • Quarterly (3 Months) - $149/qtr.

    • Q1 JAN-MAR​

    • Q2 APR-JUN

    • Q3 JUL-SEP

    • Q4 OCT-DEC

  • Yearly (12 Months) - $399/annually 

500 pixels


500 pixels

Website art file specifications:
  • Recommended file: 72 dpi (or higher) .png

  • All files MUST have a transparent background

  • All logos will be presented in grayscale within a square shape

  • Minimum file size = 500x500 pixels

  • Lake Gregory Co. reserves the right to review all ad content.

To sign up, please visit the Lake Gregory office or send us an email.


Advertise Your Event

Vinyl Banner / Special Event Temporary Signage
  • High traffic visibility. Located at the corner of Lake Gregory and Lake Drive, just across the street from Goodwin's parking lot.

  • LIMITED banner spaces available. Subject to availability.

  • Please allow 2-weeks for your local event banner to be implemented.

  • All banners must comply with Lake Gregory Co. temporary advertising terms and conditions.

Cost • $199/month
Maximum Display Duration • 90-days




Banners may be printed through the LG Company or provided. We suggest submitting artwork for review before printing to make sure the banner will meet the T&C.

To purchase a banner spot, please contact us.


Read our Terms and Conditions HERE

Are you a non-profit organization? Please email us for more information about discounted rates.

*Lake Gregory has the Right to review, approve or deny all ad content.

Lake Gregory rights
Advertising Terms and Conditions

Regarding Temporary Signs at Lake Gregory, as managed by the Lake Gregory Community Recreation Co. (“Lake Gregory Co.”), all signs need to comply with the following:


  1. Content Neutrality and Voice. Signs must be neutral in nature. As Lake Gregory is a family-friendly environment and signs must be wholesome in nature and appropriate for all ages. These provisions are not intended to limit, censor, or restrict free speech. 

  2. Temporary. Signage displayed must be related to an activity or event having a specific duration or date. Signs may be displayed for no longer than 90 consecutive days, twice per calendar year, within a 180-day period from the start date of the event.

  3. Number. The maximum number of Temporary Signs that may be displayed is at the discretion of the Lake Gregory Co.

  4. Sign Materials, Maintenance, and Specifications:

    • Signs shall be professionally crafted of durable, weather-resistant material (i.e. outdoor vinyl). 

    • Signs shall be well maintained (not torn, bent, faded, or dirty) or will be removed. Replacement will be at the expense of the advertising party.

    • Illumination Prohibited. Signs shall not be illuminated. 

    • Signage shall be designed to fit the space specifications as provided by Lake Gregory Co.

  5. Placement. Signs are only allowed in areas designated by Lake Gregory Co.

  6. Installation and Sign Removal. Please provide your sign two weeks prior to the start date purchased to the Lake Gregory office to be installed by the Lake Gregory Co. Temporary Signs shall be removed after the expiration of their reserved timeslot or after the last date on the ad has passed.

Terms and Conditions

Community Partner Discounts

Lake Partnerships / Offer special deals to LG Members
  • Join the list of Lake Partners.

  • Offer special deals to your business/service

    • Individuals would present a valid LG membership card

  • No cost to you

    • There is no exclusivity between industries.

  • Bring new traffic and clients to your business and added value to our members.  

  • You will be added to the new webpage, which will be promoted as a perk to our combined 25k+ social followers, 14k avg website visitors/month, and 3k+ email list.

Please email your Perk and terms to for consideration.

Community Partners
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