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Host your next event at our historic San Moritz Lodge!

The San Moritz Lodge is the perfect venue for your private event or dream wedding. This beautiful, historic lodge is nestled on the edge of Lake Gregory in the lovely forested community of Crestline. Conveniently located just a short trip from the cities of the Inland Empire and less than 80 miles from busy Los Angeles, this four-season resort will transport you and your guests to an idyllic and easily accessible mountain getaway.

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We can't wait to talk with you about your wedding at the beautiful & historic San Moritz Lodge. Download our wedding brochure for more information.
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History of Club San Moritz

The history of our 'club' dates back to 1924 when Arthur Gregory and A.G. Hamilton established the "Valley of the Moon" subdivision and started building the original lodge next to Valley of the Moon Lake.


In 1938, the Franklins bought the lodge and began acquiring nearby property. That same year, Lake Gregory was completed. Following this acquisition, they extensively renovated the existing lodge, and in 1939, the club was renamed Club San Moritz.

The newly renovated club included a lodge with a dance floor, dining facilities, and a mezzanine. It also boasted the largest rock fireplace in California. Members had access to boating and fishing on Moon Lake, as well as tennis, archery, badminton, horseback riding, and winter sports. Membership offered all the prestige of belonging to a wonderful private club. The club was located next to the Moonlake post office (1929-1939), which later became the Switzerland post office.

With the increasing popularity of Lake Gregory, the club initiated a campaign to raise funds for a new lodge on its shores. In the late 1940s, a sign was erected next to the club.


On the evening of August 21, 1950, the existing lodge in the Valley of the Moon was completely destroyed by fire. The cause of the fire was never determined. All that remained were the rock pillars across from the Crestline Inn on Valley Drive.

In December 1950, shortly after the original clubhouse burned to the ground, construction started on the new (and current) club. The clubhouse is located on the shores of Lake Gregory, and the initial construction was completed in 1951. The large wood beams used in construction were sourced from trees on the property.

The club's grounds were meticulously maintained and planted with many different flowers. The club enjoyed a wonderful golden period between WWII and the early 1970s. It featured a beautiful natural setting, extensive recreation facilities, and boasted of being "the best private club in the world."

Isabelle Franklin, the owner of the club, lost her first husband at an early age and later married Bello, Schoch, and Hasbrook. After all these marriages failed, she chose to go by the name Isabelle Bello. Due to financial difficulties, changing private club environments, and personal problems, the club closed on October 8, 1972. Despite subsequent attempts by others to run the club, they all failed. Isabelle passed away in 1977 at the age of 68. Following her death, San Bernardino County Regional Parks took over the management of the lake and lodge.

Special thanks to Russ Keller for the original written history displayed in our lodge.

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