Parking Lot Map Graphic.png
Step 1: Park

Pull into any of our three (3) parking lots:

Lot A - North Shore parking lot

Lot B - South Beach parking lot

Lot C - San Moritz Lodge parking lot

Step 2: Pay

After you park your vehicle, look for the BRIGHT GREEN parking signs. These signs will give you easy step-by-step instructions on how to pay with ParkMobile.

Pay with 1 of 3 super easy payment options:

Step 3: Play

Once you pay to park on ParkMobile, you are all set!

Simply go on enjoying your day at the lake! Need more time - ParkMobile makes it easy to extend your time right from your kayak (or wherever you may be).


Daily Parking

Now offering 3 convenient parking lots to choose from
1st Hour
Each Additional Hour
Daily Maximum
San Bernardino County regulations mandate all regional parks collect a flat fee of $10 for parking.
Parking pricing has been established to meet the county regulations while also providing guests the most affordable parking solutions feasible.
Parking is free for vehicles displaying Disabled Veteran tags.
Download the ParkMobile parking app

Annual Parking Pass

Regular visitor of the lake? This annual parking pass is for you!
(Excludes special events.
Space availability not guaranteed.)
Disabled Veterans and former POWs get FREE annual parking

Map & Directions

Click the "Go!" button below to find your way.

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